Male Sterilisation


Vasectomy is the only permanent method available for male contraception. Introduction of no scalpel vasectomy (NSV) in 1973 by Li ShunQiang has increased the contribution of men in family planning, but is still far less than that by women. World prevalence rate for male and female sterilization is 5.4% and 36% respectively. Acceptance of vasectomy in India has increased as evidenced by increased prevalence of vasectomy from 0.7% in 1997 to 3% in 2003.

NSV has become the gold standard of male sterilization; the standard method involves ligation and excision with fascial interposition. Local anesthesia in this procedure involves an intradermal wheal at the site of fixation of vas and deposition of injection xylocain 2% along the vas deferens.

Jet injection for NSV is very simple and safe technique with immediate onset of profound anesthesia and high patient satisfaction as reflected by low pain scores.

We are offering the No needle No Stitch Vasectomy (NNNSV). Pain less, gentle touch procedure. This procedure is very simple.

No scalpel Vasectomy procedure cautery with fascial interposition No scalpel Vasectomy technique with fascial interposition