Male Reproductive Health


Male Infertility can be defined as the inability of the made to cause pregnancy in a normal female after one year of unprotected intercourse. There are various causes of this and hence men are responsible 50% of the times for infertility. The cause of infertility can be at the testicular level or beyond that in the drectal system. They may also be several genetic and endocrine causes. It can also occur. If the male has erection problems or ejaculation problems. the condition requires detailed evaluation including history, physical examination, hormonal evaluation and most important semen analysis. Life style decrease such as obesity, smoking, Diabetics may also require attention. Treatment will depend on the cause . Some percentage of cases are surgically treatable such as varicocle, obstructive azoospermia etc. Majority of the cases have to be handled medically. Assisted reproductive technology such as ICSI, MESA, PESA have helped a lot in the recent past in the management of Male Infertility.


There are 3 types of ejaculatory problems. They are

1. Premature ejaculation
2. Retarded or delayed ejaculation
3. Retrograde ejaculation

It is essential to go into detailed history to enquire about the precise nature of ejaculatory problems and whether or not fertility is the issue. For eg: a man with retrograde ejaculation (those whose ejaculate goes into bladder) anxiety; such as a man bring anxious that will he lose his erection (erectile dysfunction) causing him to ‘rush’ the intercourse previous traumatic sexual experiences depression
some medical conditions or medicines- for example diabetes can cause delayed ejaculation.
may be quite satisfied with sex life and If fertility is his problem; sperm retrieval from urine is essential. the treatment can range from medical therapy to psychotherapy.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to initiate or maintain an erection thus resulting in an inability to penetrate during sexual activity. It was believed earlier that majority of causes of ED were Psycho genies . However, now the picture has changed and the majority of causes are now believed to be physical. some of the causes are Life styles diseases such a Diabetes, Cardiovascular disorders or even endocrinal. The condition requires a detailed history, physical examination and investigation.

Micro surgery (Reversal Vasectomy)

2 % of vasectomy clients regret their decision for various reasons such as death of child etc. Some of these men come up for reversal of vasectomy. This is a Micro surgical procedure taking about 2 hours time and requiring considerable surgical skills. However, the results justify the effort. sperm positively at the end of 3 months after procedure is above 90%. pregnancy rates are around 70% depending on the partners age.


A varicocele is an enlargement of the veins within the scrotum, the loose bag of skin that holds your testicles.
Varicoceles are a common cause of low sperm production and decreased sperm quality, which can cause infertility.

We offer the treatment of varicocele by micro surgical varicocele ligation.